Friday, October 14, 2016

Those who've been academic failures feel vindicated by education-bashing movies such as 3 Idiots, M.S. Dhoni, etc. [COMPACTIDEA]

Bashing academics/education/studies is the "in thing" today in Bollywood. Students are usually distributed according to the normal distribution, hence only a small proportional can be called intelligent in any given classroom anywhere in the world and in any decade. Hence, a significant proportion can be termed academic failures or academically poor. These folks sort of dislike education and so feel happy and even "vindicated" watching education being bashed in movies such as 3 Idiots [and the initial part of M.S. Dhoni], and falsely assume the messages being sent out - that education "isn't everything", and that you can easily be successful even without academics, and so on, forgetting hard/practical facts like there are only 10-15 guys in the Indian cricket team versus perhaps crores of aspirants.

Movies such as 3 Idiots aren't great, despite sky-high ratings and reviews. Such nonsense movies are liked by a lot many people because they allow this large proportion of academic failures to vent out their decades-old hatred for education.

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