Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday Night Fever

This post is not about the 1977 movie, and instead is a play on the concept of a weekend; an attempt to connect it to the impending end of my college life.


It's nearing the end of April 2008. And about a month from now it will be the official end of my college term. Seems like 4 years passed in the blink of an eye.

I remember when I was small (a school kid), we would all wait eagerly for Saturdays (I, like most others in India, had a 6-day-a-week school). I still remember coming home on a Saturday, carelessly sending my schoolbag flying away in some dusty corner of the home and feeling really nice that tomorrow is a Sunday - a holiday :). And Saturday night would be the night that would be more celebrated than the Sunday itself.

Why so?

Because Saturday night had a hidden element of hope in it. That hope was the upcoming Sunday. The next day. A holiday. Watching a movie late night on Saturday wouldn't ring any bells, because one knew that there was still 1 full day ahead to wake up late, to relax or to play.

It's Saturday night once again. Yes. There's still a hope alive somewhere in me. That yes, I can still watch a movie late night. Because there's still 1 full day ahead, that's going to be my very own. Only this time the Saturday is April 2008, and the Sunday is May 2008. And instead of the careless happiness of school time, this feeling tonight is almost feverish!

Sunrise At Delhi College of Engineering - A Photo Album