Friday, June 30, 2017

I can't believe it that I had forgotten that there are rubber balls too for playing cricket [COMPACTIDEA]

Guess it has been quite many years since I played cricket, or perhaps it has been many years since I was a small child. Maybe both. It was a bit of a strong surprise for me a few days ago when I saw a rubber ball - most likely after 10-15 years - and realized that there are rubber balls too for playing cricket. How could I forget this? I, who as a kid had collected so many abandoned/lost balls of all sorts from playgrounds, roads and elsewhere? I had forgotten the rubber ball?

Anyway. When I was small, I remember there were 4 types of cricket balls:
  1. "Cosco" ball. We used to call it Cosco, but it was really tennis ball. The softest.
  2. Rubber ball. Heavier and harder than Cosco ball, but still very gentle.
  3. Leather ball [red leather or white leather]. Heavy and very hard too.
  4. "Corak" ball. Sort of a white stone. Heavy and hard like a stone. Quite dangerous.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Afterlife, the concept, is a basic need of mankind [COMPACTIDEA]

"Gone forever" [or "lost forever"] is too hurtful a realization. Mankind needs the concept of afterlife in order to reduce the hurt of death of a loved one. It makes one feel - even if falsely - that the lost one is still alive, even if elsewhere. It lowers the pain of the immense loss by assuring one that the person has only separated, but "is still there", somewhere. It allows one to continue wishing good for the departed soul. It allows one to continue "speaking" to the gone person, even if only in one's mind. It would be too difficult to live with the knowledge that with the funeral pyre, everything that comprised one's loved one - body and mind/personality - is gone, and gone forever. Too hurtful. Hence mankind created the concepts of afterlife, next life, and so on.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Philosophical - most people end up at one of those cremation grounds which they had attended all their lives [COMPACTIDEA]

This feels saddening and philosophical. But then death is sad and philosophical. People attend cremation grounds throughout their lives, for the cremation of colleagues, friends, associates, relatives, etc. Does anyone ever think or realize that one day, upon one's death, one is going to end up and burn into ashes at one of these same grounds? This mere thought can send chills through one's body.