Monday, July 31, 2017

Madhur Bhandarkar has gone totally out of his mind, or maybe he's just busy getting casting couch [COMPACTIDEA]

Watched Indu Sarkar last night. There were only about 8-10 people in the entire PVR hall for this movie [including three of us], and it was the opening weekend. We couldn't tolerate the movie beyond the interval and left. Indu Sarkar thus became only the second movie ever which I paid for but left without finishing. Madhur Bhandarkar seems to have lost his mind completely. This movie is so shitty that I don't even want to spend much time describing how bad it is. If there was only one copy left of this movie in the entire world, I would shift+delete it in a second, since there's no lasting artistic or cultural value of this piece of trash to mankind. This is the second time Bhandarkar has pissed me - the previous time was with Calendar Girls, a movie I slept through. Even Bhandarkar himself seems to dislike Calendar Girls, since he didn't mention its name in the trailer of Indu Sarkar. Talking of Calendar Girls, it seems that Mr. Bhandarkar made that movie only to get casting couch favors from several low-grade, low-paid struggling actresses at once. The same could be said this time of Kirti Kulhari as well. Maybe Bhandarkar has decided that he is done making the type and quality of movies that he used it, and that he has earned enough, and that he now only wants to spray that money around on struggling actresses and models to get all sorts of obvious favors.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Sridevi is overhyped - it was the her of yesterday that was the real Sridevi [COMPACTIDEA]

Watched MOM and concluded that all this hype around Sridevi in MOM is nonsense. Sridevi's acting in MOM wasn't good - bland and without proper expressions. It's quite safe to say that it was the Sridevi of yesterday which was far better than this Sridevi of today [when evaluating as an actress]. Any random actress could've done what she did in MOM.