Sunday, October 9, 2016

Supreme Court's decision allowing husbands to divorce wives who force husbands to separate from their parents is logical

As expected, hardcore feminists are "outraged" and "speechless" and "shocked" by this decision. Their usual overuse of superlatives has begun [there's already nearly complete desensitization to these superlatives due to prior overuse]. These days, radical feminists feel entitled to have all judgments passed in favor of females, irrespective of what's logical according to the sum total of the basic structure of our society, our religious beliefs, prevailing norms, our culture, and so on. Any judgment/law that doesn't favor females creates shock waves among these predatory feminists, regardless of its merits. An important thing to not here is that these extreme feminists usually express their shock and awe without supporting it with logical arguments. In the screenshot below, she calls it "Shockingly retarded!" and she's left "Speechless 😡😡😡", but she never could explain what exactly made this sensible judgment retarded, other than implying questioning the basic structure of marriages in India [in which case these feminists shouldn't marry anyone at all, except perhaps each other, so they cal vent out their frustrations collectively].

The judges, however, did offer sufficient explanation. Thankfully, they were also cognizant that their judgment will act as a precedent and will be used as a guideline for years and decades to come. They likely also knew that unnecessary rants will follow, but that didn't stop them from issuing a sound judgment.

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