Thursday, October 20, 2016

Feminists vehemently support abortion citing "choice", yet they vigorously howl about sex-selective abortion of female foetuses [COMPACTIDEA]

This reveals a serious contradiction in the position and thought process of these hardcore feminists. They apparently want to support choice, but not universally, rather only when it suits their innate desires. They will, for example, support an abortion [basically a cold-blooded murder] when it's the female who wants to have the thing flushed out [even if the father doesn't support the abortion]. They will, however, oppose the same abortion when only the father wants to get it done [and the mother opposes]. In this sense feminists are quite predictable characters. They will use fancy/funny terms such as "bodily autonomy", "choice", "reproductive rights", etc., when it comes to blindly supporting females, but won't support abandoning of girl foetuses even if both parents agree on this course of action. So heartless murder of foetuses is okay whenever the mother wants to have it done, but it isn't okay - even if both parents want it - if the foetus happens to be a girl!

Where is "my choice" and other blah blah blah now? What kind of logic is this?

Predictable, despicable, eternally frustrated, deplorable and overall nonsense creatures.

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