Sunday, June 7, 2009

Google I-O 2009 (Day 1) - Chrome Experiments Video's Background Music - Song Download Link

I recently watched the keynote video of day 1 of Google I/O 2009. Day 1 kicks off with an introduction video showing different Chrome Experiments running in Chrome. The video is abstract but quite impressive, especially if the viewer has knowledge of the ongoing Web-apps-versus-Desktop-apps war.

What is more impressive however is the background music of this video. I liked it so much that I watched the video about 10 times. User comments on the video's page show that many others too liked this song. However, no one really seems to know which song this is, or whether it is an original composition by Google or an existing song by some artist, and where to find / download it. Some comments on the video claim that it is a song called Falling, from Into The Fire album by Krylyn.

Incorrect. There's another video posted by Google, with not the whole keynote but only the introduction video, and its description clearly states that the background song is an original composition by Googler Matt Waddell.

I downloaded the highest quality version of this video (HQ22) (click here to know the difference between HQ18, HQ22 and HQ35), extracted the audio from it in WAVE format, trimmed it to remove the silence at start and end, and encoded it into 2 MP3 files (each at 192 Kbps) using LAME MP3 encoder
  1. File 1: Unabridged audio. Click here to download this file
  2. File 2: Same as File 1, but with the leading Welcome to Google I O removed, so it starts directly with the music and can be used as a ringtone. Click here to download this file
I think I'm not violating the DMCA because I think Google will love it if this file spreads :)

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