Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sweating yet Smiling- I've joined a gym!

Okay well. Recently, I've joined a gym in the Kitchlu Nagar Main Market. For the next 4 weeks, I'm going to work out real hard. I know I already have lots of energy and endurance power too (which definitely isn't visible from my physique), but still...

The simple and short story of my first day at gym goes this way (this is the first time I've joined a paid gym- I used to work out at my hostel's gym too, but that wasn't a professionally run gym).
  1. The coach tells me to work out on various machines, 20 times on each (in 2 sets of 10 each, with a 30 second break between the 2 sets).
  2. I do everything the coach tells me to do. And I do it fast (dedication or over-excitement?).
  3. I come home, with my whole body drenched in sweat and still sweating profusely (probably it was over-excitement). Heat is coming out from me like it comes out from an oven. One can almost feel the steam...
  4. I'm HUNGRY like a beast. Heavy dinner follows.
  5. I crash on the bed in my room. A short nap follows.
  6. 46 hours later (that is right now), I have severe cramps in my arms, biceps and legs (oh, it hurts) :(
  7. End of the story.
The photo below was taken (some minutes after I returned from the gym) so that I should be able to compare my physique, as it stands right now, to what it shall be a month hence. More photos of me can be viewed here and here.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Welcome Greetings To Delhi College of Engineering

My last day at my college was about a week back. And now I wish to extend Welcome greetings to my college. When I say Welcome, I'm welcoming Delhi College of Engineering to my heart, my feelings, and my memories. It is now - after having left my college - that I realize what it was, and how much it means to me.

I miss it so much.

Some of the memorable memories of me and my college can be viewed here:
A memorable and worth watching video of some of the hostelers of the Class of 2008 can be downloaded from here (click on the Download link near top left of the webpage).

Saluting my college just before leaving it - on my last day

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Driving 700 Kilometres in 36 Hours- An Experience!

On 14 June, we all (my family) sat in car and started off for Patiala at around 2:30 PM. I was at the driver's seat. We picked up didi from her college, and then via Devigarh we reached Kurukshetra. After that we headed straight to Delhi, and after that went to Ghaziabad. Out of the approximately 375 km total length of this route, I drove about 340 km (papa drove the rest). We reached our destination at around 12:30 AM (on June 15).

On 15 June, I did the works I was supposed to, and at around 6 PM we started from Ghaziabad for Ludhiana. Once again, I was at the driver's seat. We reached back home around 3 AM (on June 16). So I drove a total of about 700 km within 36 hours.

What made the drive back home special was that it rained almost all the way. It was the first time I drove for so long amidst such rain. Everyone was sound asleep, but with me fully alert- knowing that my whole family is sitting in the car, it's night, it's raining, and I'm driving on the Grand Trunk Road- infamous for the accidents that take place on it daily.

It was during this drive (towards home) that I first time ever touched the speed of 100 km/hr.

Also, mummy complimented my driving, saying that it's butter-smooth. Mummy faces Motion Sickness each time she travels on long routes, but mummy said that with me at the driver's seat, she didn't face even a bit of problem for all of the 750 km journey.

When I finally reached home, I felt happy :-)

The photos above and below (these have not been clicked by me) are representative of the perils of driving on a highway on a rainy night.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My foot's nail got plucked out

Today evening, I was about to go to buy a new adapter for my scanner, and while I was opening the gate of our home (to take out the car), the lower edge of gate accidentally hit my left foot. It started to hurt quite much, but no one was at home, so I didn't quite bother about the injury (at least for the time being- I didn't even look at how much the injury was).

I drove to the shop, parked the car & did the work I was supposed to. When I started walking back to the parked car, I felt something sticky in my left foot. On inspection, I saw that blood was oozing out of the finger which had got hit by the gate, and it was this blood that was causing the sticky feeling. I didn't bother much about it even now (the pain too had reduced by now).

But as I was having dinner (around 9 PM), it again started to hurt. This time, I inspected my finger more closely & found that the nail had got almost pulled out (it's just loosely hanging there now). I got scolding from mummy for not applying Savlon.

:( :(