Sunday, August 28, 2016

In Bollywood dance or item songs, the side dancers - guys or girls - don't have any individual identity but have a single, unified collective identity [COMPACTIDEA]

Audience focuses only on the lead/main actor or actress/item girl. The background/side/supporting dancers are there only to "create crowd" for the lead/main folks. These supporting folks aren't seen individually by the audience, but are seen collectively. They don't have any individual identity in these songs, even if they are attractive/good-looking and dance as well or better than the main folks.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Hardcore feminists oppose the Hindu festival Raksha Bandhan [Rakhi] [COMPACTIDEA]


It's amusing to read feminist rants each year about Raksha Bandhan [Rakhi], in newspapers and on blogs. Seriously, such feminists are extremely frustrated beings and they need to get a life and stop prioritizing, for example, the wearing of body-revealing clothes as somehow empowering women and the celebration of traditional Indian festivals as somehow disempowering for females. If these radical feminists don't like our cultural norms and traditions and don't want to follow them [or even see them or hear about them], they can very well either hide inside their homes or perhaps leave this soil and go to some La La Land in some other nation and feel empowered, liberated and vindicated among their own group.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Mediocrity is the ongoing norm in Bollywood [COMPACTIDEA]


Most movies/songs coming out these days from India's Bollywood are mediocre. Like Rustom. Yes, Rustom! Bollywood movies these days have unnecessary and unnecessarily loud background music to cover the lack of acting/story/dialogs. Girls/women who just can't stop themselves from stripping in songs. Forcibly introduced humour/jokes so that the movie isn't labeled "heavy" by youth which doesn't seem to have appreciation for or understanding of high-quality cinema. Leaning on abuses and cheap/indecent/lewd/raunchy terms and phrases in order to evoke a fake sense of interest/wow from the mediocrity-satisfied audience. Music is doing even worse. Loud beats and meaningless lyrics which are little more than noise, all but lacking any soothing melody/tune. Again, much music is now commercial, as opposed to artistic, and heavily relies on shameless stripping "item girls" in order to sell itself [a sort of rider].



Happy Bhaag Jayegi is a disaster akin to a thermonuclear explosion. It cannot be described in words. If people are liking/loving this movie, then we're absolutely in an era of mediocrity.



Freaky Ali.



Pink. This movie appears intellectual on the outside, but look carefully, and it is pseudo-intellectual and not rigorous or convincing at all. Most in the audience, who are sheep anyway, won't notice this, and will come out gushing with overjoy about how Pink is "awesome", "mind-blowing", and so on, unaware that it's their intellectually-challenged brain that finds Pink convincing rather than pleading.



EL'AYICHI. Totally pointless and useless yet Indian sheep is calling it "great", etc.


Sunday, August 7, 2016

BRICS is, to be honest, an insult for Vladimir Putin and Russia [COMPACTIDEA]

Feels sad to see Putin in the company of losers such as Narendra Modi, Jacob Zuma and Dilma Rousseff. Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin both have a very different "class" compared to the other three. Bad days for Russia that its charismatic leader Vladimir Putin has to pose for group photos with fake/puny leaders like Modi, Zuma and Rousseff. I don't feel good seeing this. Russia's league is much higher.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

That one white hair strand on your head is a potent reminder for all of us [COMPACTIDEA]

All/most of us have it. It shines brightly and we try to hide it [we've all been told not to chop it or else all our hair would go white]. One can have a few such strands even in one's early 20s. Annoyance aside, this white strand serves as a reminder to us all about our eventual fate - old age, frail body, reduced mental abilities, and eventually death and conversion of what we used to be into dust and lifeless molecules. Perhaps looking daily at this one white strand makes us be a better man.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Is revenge an integral component of serving justice to the victims of a crime [COMPACTIDEA]

This thought occured to me when I read this news story on NDTV about a recent gang-rape in India of a 35 year old woman, her 14 year old daughter, and another female relative [plus beating, looting, etc., of the male family members]. Not digressing from the topic, the key question here [about human nature] is this - why is "revenge" an integral part of [the feeling of having gotten] justice for victims of crime? In this case, the victim family wants the rapists punished. Why do us humans feel a sort of satisfaction when the perpetrators of a crime are punished, considering the punishment doesn't undo or erase the initial crimes that were committed upon the victims?