Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Microsoft shouldn't have apologized for hiring dancers at its GDC party [and there's no need to hide the dancers' faces]

I think it is rather outrageous that Microsoft had to apologize for hiring dancers at its GDC party. Kind of evidence of how malignant the disease of radical feminism is. Hardcore gamers love this stuff and there's nothing wrong with it either. What's more, those who are talking about "blurring/hiding the faces of the dancers" are outright insane [so now we've to learn about the importance of individual privacy from, of all people, the Americans?]. It's their profession and they're more than happy to be paid for it you fools!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

In America, you aren't male or female by birth - your gender is the one you "identify with", whatever that means!

What a rotten-to-the-core nation the USA has become. America is the land where a man kisses and beds a man, a woman kisses and beds a woman, and a child can have two parents who are either both male or both female [what a cursed fellow such a child must be]. It is the land where you can be born a girl, yet you "identify yourself" with a boy, yet have the sexual identity of a girl, but still romance with a woman! Wow, what a twisted, utterly repulsive, mentally ill, and sick place the United States is!

Update [May'16]: North Carolina's law is, to put it in the simplest possible words, common sense!

Update [23-Apr-17]: WTF is going on in America? LOL.

Update [12-Nov-17]: It's getting unbelievable now. What a garbage country America has become.

Update [Dec'18]: Now men can compete in women-only sports simply by claiming that they're females? What is happening in this world! She's right but in the name of political correctness people are criticizing her.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Abortion is a heinous crime, a cold-blooded murder - defending it with terms such as "choice", "my body", etc., is itself a crime

Most pro-abortion women use fancy and loaded words/phrases like "It's my body and so it's my choice what happens with it", "Us women are human beings and not just incubators or baby-making machines", "reproductive rights", "bodily autonomy", etc., to support their stance. This logic is neither sound nor allowable. No woman has the right to kill another life - least of all her own child - unless required on medical grounds. It's as simple as that. Any other arguments are simply mumbo-jumbo intended to confuse and convince the brainless. What these pro-abortion women basically want is the freedom to kill and quietly throw down the drain a living baby as and when they find it convenient [or dump the baby into a dustbin - unbelievable].

Examples of how hardcore, devilish feminists will go even to the extent of depicting a foetus as a burden for his mother, in order to defend/support their pro-abortion stance:
  • How To Argue Pro Choice: 11 Arguments Against Abortion Access, Debunked [link]

Women scream for reservation but not as gutter-cleaners or enemy-facing, bullet-taking soldiers. Nonsense.

This intriguing fact should be kept in mind when addressing women's pleads/requests for quotas/reservation in government positions, private/public jobs, etc. They don't want to do things that are essential/indispensable/necessary but very difficult [maybe they just can't, after all]. The ultra-challenging tasks they want men to take care of, while they enjoy their time in cafes, clubs, cinemas, parlors/salons, and shopping malls.

Ain't going to work in this world.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Lunner, brunner - new words for situations when work-life balance isn't exactly right

And a quick search on Google, as many times before, reveals that lunner already exists. Sometimes human brains think so similarly. Or maybe this is too obvious, since so many people think about work-life balance.
  1. Lunner: A single meal that combines lunch and dinner. Usually taken at night when you're too busy during the day and have to skip lunch.
  2. Brunner: Combination of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Extreme form of brunch. When you're really busy.