Friday, May 25, 2012

One year since my selection in S3 Asia MBA

On 23-May-2011, I was at factory, and around 3 PM [IST], I synchronized my emails on my iPod touch. On one of my email accounts, the top email was from NUS and the subject line started with Congratulations. With a fast heartbeat, I quickly opened it, and was delighted to read that I had been admitted to the S3 Asia MBA program. I can clearly recollect how happy I had felt back then, how I joyfully told my parents and my brother about my selection, how I was surprised at my selection because I had applied at the last hour on the last day of the last deadline, and so on.

Back then I did not know what lay ahead, how I would feel studying at great business schools in Shanghai, Seoul and Singapore - it was happiness about something good coming up ahead.