Wednesday, November 25, 2015

It seems that Sikhs sometimes try to "fork" popular Hindu festivals so as to celebrate yet differentiate

It sometimes appears to me that the small minority within Sikhs which is radical in nature wants to dissociate itself from all things Hindu [popular Hindu festivals, for example], and yet it doesn't want Sikhs and their kids to miss out on the nationwide/worldwide celebrations that take place on these popular festivals. And so a new, different reason to celebrate popular Hindu festivals is created for Sikhs, with a different name.

Examples include Hola Mohalla, which has been popularized to coincide with Holi, and Bandi Chhor Divas, which coincides with Diwali, and Rakhri, which overlaps with Rakhi. The point here is that Sikhs do want to be a part of the nationwide celebrations that take place for key Hindu festivals and they also want their kids to not miss out on the countrywide celebrations, but they do not want it to look like they're celebrating Hindu festivals, and so they create/popularize their own reason for celebrating the day.

Update [21-Sep-16]: Similarly, Sikh emphasis on the distorted word 'Arjan' instead of 'Arjun' can be explained as an attempt to not be seen as having been derived from Hinduism, when it's the latter that's the actual word. But because the latter is a character in Hindu mythology, Sikhs have changed 'Arjun' to 'Arjan'. Same for changing 'Hari' to 'Har', 'Govind' to 'Gobind', 'Ishwar' to 'Ishar', and many more.

Update [27-Oct-19]: From Wikipedia. Another related link.

"Sikhs historically celebrated Diwali along with Hindus, with Guru Amar Das explicitly listing it along with Vaisakhi as a festival for Sikhs.[1][2][3] In late 20th century, Sikh religious leaders increasingly called Diwali as Bandi Chhor Divas, and the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee adopted this name along with the Nanakshahi calendar in 2003."

Some actresses who went for plastic surgery now look somewhat different from normal humans

It's quite clear from the photos below that while Nargis Fakhri must've attempted and intended a surgical enhancement, the end result isn't exactly positive. Her lips look somewhat non-human, making her entire face itself somewhat non-human. Sort of slightly alien. Sort of like it's some cousin of the human species. It doesn't give a positive feeling.

She isn't alone. Many other Indian actresses - Anushka Sharma, Priyanka Chopra, etc. - have gone for nose, lips, and other jobs and some of them look a little weird.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Mixed-culture, mixed-ethnicity people might seem exotic, but they likely lead confused, dual lives

Two examples to explain what I mean. Sunita Williams and Mel Sabharwal are both ethnically Indian but have a look that's clearly hybrid - it's blatant that there are non-Indian structures on their faces, likely a result of having an Indian and a Western parent. Neither Indians nor Westerners think of them - and of people like them - as "one of their own".

To Indians, these hybrid/mixed people are good to gossip about, but these pseudo-Indians remain somewhat foreigners, who seem to look like Indians at the first glance, but feel distant when you try to go deep. To foreigners/Westerners, these mixed-race people are outsiders who are trying to call themselves American/Australian/British/Canadian. The end result is that these folks have one of their legs in the Indian boat and the other in a Western boat, and they aren't accepted completely by anyone [except, possibly, by other indian-origin, mixed-ethnicity folks].

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Indian actresses who can't act try to hide this using anger, tears, laughs, smiles or by being an exhibit

There are dozens of such actresses in Bollywood, but a few examples make the general idea clear:
  • Amrita Rao cannot act, so in Jolly LLB she can be seen displaying annoyance/anger, and even in this easy-to-express emotion, it's clear that she can't act.
  • Parineeti Chopra cannot act, so she too can be seen in a perpetually-annoyed role in Shuddh Desi Romance. Annoyance mixed with anger, fear and tears is an emotion that's so easy and trivial to express that's it the first emotion expressed by a newborn.
  •  Aishwarya Rai really cannot act, so she is either seen laughing or smiling endlessly like a doll, in a bid to pass time, or is usually dressed like an exhibit where she doesn't need to do or say anything.

  • Even Deepika sometimes resorts to needless laughing to cover her hopeless dialog delivery.

  • Alia Bhatt is a good example of an Indian actress whose acting skills are close to zero, and who tries to make up for this deficiency by resorting to unneeded wild laughs, short clothes, urban slang, etc. In Kapoor & Sons, for example, she had an almost zero role. The movie was clearly about, well, Kapoor and his sons, and Alia Bhatt was likely inserted into the movie just to "spread glamour" by showing Alia as a semi-clad doll.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

What a confused and messy life Sushmita Sen has!

I used to think that she's a modern and smart woman. But when I read that she recently broke up with her tenth boyfriend, I had to think again. She hasn't married yet. She does drugs, drinks heavily, and smokes a lot. Is her personality, seen as a whole, seen as a sum of her habits and obsessions something that the public should be/would be proud of? I have doubts now. Her personality and her life appears to me more like a mess than something that deserves admiration.