Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Indians should prefer drinking juice, lassi, etc., rather than Coke, Fanta, etc. [COMPACTIDEA]

Large companies like Coca Cola brainwash entire populations into believing that not only is it "cool" to drink Coke/Pepsi/Fanta, but that it's also somehow "refreshing", "rejuvenating", and a "way to celebrate". Since most of the populations all over the world are dumb sheep anyway, they start blindly believing and following these corporations and start mindlessly shelling their hard-earned money on these harmful products.

Indian government should both gently nudge and overtly force Indians to healthier drinks such as juices, lassi, etc. Those who advocate that free will and independent decisions of adults are always preferable should be reminded that independent decisions don't always produce the best/wisest results. Just look at how many Indian kids and adults are wasting their money and health on Western carbonated drinks. Crush these drinks under the load of taxation. Use these extra taxes to subsidize healthy beverages. This use of force is the only way to stop nefarious corporations from exploiting the foolishness of people.

Update [Apr'18]: There's one more step between the two extreme steps of fully allowing aerated/carbonated drinks [the current scenario] and fully banning Coke/Pepsi. That step is encouraging [either by massive advertising campaigns, or by higher taxes on aerated/carbonated drinks, or both] those folks who just can't be shifted from bottled/canned drinks to prefer the juices from Coke/Pepsi rather than their aerated/carbonated drinks. Juices such as Pulpy Orange, etc., are any day a much better/healthier option than drinking Pepsi or Fanta or Mirinda.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

School students shouldn't be given phones - or else give them only the most basic phones [COMPACTIDEA]

School kids get distracted and morally corrupted if/when they're given modern smartphones [with Internet]. They get into all sorts of bad things like watching porn, wasting time on chatting, getting into relationships with girls, etc. Reason for giving phones to school kids is given by parents as for the safety of kids. If this is the reason, better give kids only the most basic phones on which there's no Internet and no applications. Only calls and SMS. Kids need to be kept away from the open Internet, which is like a vast, unfenced jungle. Kids won't get into porn, chatting, flirting, MMSes/videos, etc., and the safety purpose will also be met.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Diana Penty is THE WORST actress ever in Bollywood [so far]

Realized this when watching Happy Bhag Jayegi today at Cinepolis. I don't think I've seen such horrible acting by any actress in any Bollwood movie ever. At some points in this movie, I even felt like maybe Diana Penty is just acting/behaving repulsively the way a dumb and brainless animal would, without exhibiting coherent and meaningful characteristics or gestures that would at least make her seem like a human/woman with non-zero intelligence.

To her credit, she might be a good model, but that's perhaps the only place where she should focus her energy and resources. The moment she opens her mouth and tries to act in a movie, she only makes fun of her own self and her dignity. She's not an actress and she'll never become even a decent actress because what's required for that isn't in her. Good looks can't always compensate for awfully-low acting skills. And you should know not only what you can do, but also what you cannot do - you shouldn't sell yourself for cheap just to grab a role in a movie.

Nevertheless, it wasn't an easy task getting here. Miss Unfortunately-Named Penty faced stiff challenge from other decorated awful actress veterans like Aishwarya Rai, Lara Dutta, and many others, but she rose to the occasion and even went beyond the call of duty to steal the crown of Miss Most Awful Bollywood Actress Ever. Hard work pays, and since she has set a new formidable benchmark in this field, it looks like she's going to be the reigning queen for the bottom for a long time to come.