Friday, March 21, 2008

Rediscovering myself - moving back to my roots

December 31, 2003. Late night.

I can never forget that night. While the whole world was celebrating the impending arrival of new year, I was quietly sitting in my room. Reflecting deeply. Introspecting. Thinking where I was, and where I've reached.


January 1, 2004. Midnight.

I can never forget these moments ever. I was not a bit happy about new year. I was still in my bed, thinking. I had figured out that "disorganization" brought me down. That was the time when I developed a hatred for disorganization. Hatred, which lasts to this day. That hatred caused me to hibernate everything for 4 and a half months, and to work relentlessly, all whilst maintaining complete organization. And yes, it paid off. I cleared IIT-JEE. I got admission to DCE. I topped every engineering entrance exam from my school. I learnt a lesson- organization is one of the keys to efficiency (and efficiency is one of the keys to success). And organization has got hardwired into me now.

If I could ever show to someone how excessively high levels of disorganization I had created from 1998-2003, how unbelievably high amounts of unorganized information I had been processing, one would be plain shocked. It's futile to try to express that humongous pile of unorganized data that I had. It could easily run into dozens of gigabytes, if digitized.

It has been over 4 years now that I've been patiently processing it all. Organizing it so perfectly that even Google would be put to shame. And I know the 'Debt-Free-Day' is coming near. The day when I'll be able to breathe freely knowing that there's nothing that is 'Pending'. And that day I'll begin to work at a frightening pace. I'm waiting for, in fact working for, that day.


March 20, 2008. I suddenly wake up sometime during the night.
I am on bed in my hostel. Looking at the ceiling. Where was I? Who was I? What have I become? Where do I stand? Why is this so? Can something be done?

These questions were rattling me. I began introspection. Once again. After over 4 years I'm thinking so deeply. Again. It's time that Rishabh Singla be what he is. It's time to go back to my roots. It's time to discover the power of 1. My power. I have always held unshakable faith in myself. In my ability to single-handedly outperform even groups of people.

It's time that I rediscover myself. That I go back to the quotes that drive me. I must never forget some invaluable words.

Labor Omnia Vincit (Hard Work Conquers All). I must remember this always.