Sunday, December 1, 2013

The muscular grunt of my Skoda Rapid's 1.6 TDI engine

People usually prefer cars that are silent, and that accelerate without the cars' engines making much "noise" or vibration. However, there are people - like me - who absolutely love the mighty grunt of a powerful engine. I experience such a feeling these days when I press the accelerator pedal on my new Skoda Rapid on a highway, and let the 1.6 TDI engine unleash its power.

I've done the same on our Honda City, but the City is a more chic car, more silent, with a more "refined" engine, so it doesn't produce much sound on acceleration. On the other hand, the Rapid is more manly, and when it begins to accelerate, its turbocharged diesel engine lets out a particular sound as well as a slight vibration in the steering column that I absolutely love.

It feels like the engine is a beast, like there is brute power inside it waiting to be set free, like you can feel the diesel igniting inside the cylinders. Okay, at 1.6 liter it is not as big as the more luxurious sedans, but it is still quite good for my taste.