Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Correcting historical wrongs or a crime against Whites - forced land seizures from White farmers in South Africa - is this the right thing to do?

It isn't easy to answer the question raised in the title of this post, but just because it's difficult to answer this doesn't mean that there isn't an answer. And the answer is that yes, seizing the land "belonging to" White farmers in South Africa and giving it to Black farmers is overall the right thing to do. The counter argument that these White farmers whose land is being seized today aren't those White men who forcibly took these lands from SA's native Black farmers [perhaps centuries ago] doesn't have legs. These White men of today are the descendants of those evil Whites who forcibly annexed lands from SA's native peoples, and by being their direct descendants, these Whites of today are in a way directly though wrongly enjoying the fruits of the inhumane crimes committed by their forefathers on the Blacks, reflected in the elevated financial positions and relatively luxurious lifestyles of SA's Whites of today [in stark contrast to the poverty and misery continually being suffered by the Blacks, on average]. To right these historical wrongs, there's no practical way left but to take these lands forcibly, and give them to their real owners [if not to the same men, at least to their descendants]. Besides, if SA doesn't seize lands from White folks, what's the solution to the asymmetrical land distribution in SA then? Is there any other solution to give the lands originally belonging to the Blacks to Blacks again? If not, then seizing has to be done. The Whites - all over the world - will obviously make much hue and cry when these seizures happen, because they've gotten used to always being on the perpetrator end [for centuries now] and they can't see "fellow" White folks being mistreated the way they mistreated Blacks. Let them create furor. Let Australia beat its chest and bark like a dog. These Australians - much like other White nations - are compulsive racists who can only see and react to injustices against Whites - they don't see or feel any crimes at all when they bomb to death innocent Afghans, Iraqis, Libyans, Syrians or Yemenis. Seizures are overall the just and right thing to do.