Thursday, June 19, 2008

Welcome Greetings To Delhi College of Engineering

My last day at my college was about a week back. And now I wish to extend Welcome greetings to my college. When I say Welcome, I'm welcoming Delhi College of Engineering to my heart, my feelings, and my memories. It is now - after having left my college - that I realize what it was, and how much it means to me.

I miss it so much.

Some of the memorable memories of me and my college can be viewed here:
A memorable and worth watching video of some of the hostelers of the Class of 2008 can be downloaded from here (click on the Download link near top left of the webpage).

Saluting my college just before leaving it - on my last day


  1. The saluting pic is especially captivating kinds.. Lemme see i i'd be doing that when the time arrives.. ;)

  2. Medhavin you know what, when your time comes, you'll feel that not only are you physically doing it, but also mentally. It starts to come from the inside!

    This is what I felt, and realised, that day...