Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sweating yet Smiling- I've joined a gym!

Okay well. Recently, I've joined a gym in the Kitchlu Nagar Main Market. For the next 4 weeks, I'm going to work out real hard. I know I already have lots of energy and endurance power too (which definitely isn't visible from my physique), but still...

The simple and short story of my first day at gym goes this way (this is the first time I've joined a paid gym- I used to work out at my hostel's gym too, but that wasn't a professionally run gym).
  1. The coach tells me to work out on various machines, 20 times on each (in 2 sets of 10 each, with a 30 second break between the 2 sets).
  2. I do everything the coach tells me to do. And I do it fast (dedication or over-excitement?).
  3. I come home, with my whole body drenched in sweat and still sweating profusely (probably it was over-excitement). Heat is coming out from me like it comes out from an oven. One can almost feel the steam...
  4. I'm HUNGRY like a beast. Heavy dinner follows.
  5. I crash on the bed in my room. A short nap follows.
  6. 46 hours later (that is right now), I have severe cramps in my arms, biceps and legs (oh, it hurts) :(
  7. End of the story.
The photo below was taken (some minutes after I returned from the gym) so that I should be able to compare my physique, as it stands right now, to what it shall be a month hence. More photos of me can be viewed here and here.


  1. Is this what you meant by the the shades of your personality that were yet to catch on the bright hues?? ;)

    Its good that you are taking care of your body.. especially with a month something left for the joining..

    All the best!

  2. Nopes buddy :)

    This isn't what I meant (or even a part thereof).

    Hey are you aware that there's a checkbox called "Email me the follow up comments" available when one writes a comment on a blog post? This is a very useful checkbox since it allows you to be notified in case the post author (or someone else) adds another comment.


    Which is the other one?

    Even I have 2 in my room
    1. DON'T QUIT
    2. E stands for Effort NOT Excuses

    All photos are good :-)
    But this BODY SHODY photograph is sweet. :-)

  4. I wrote in the earlier post also.