Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Driving 700 Kilometres in 36 Hours- An Experience!

On 14 June, we all (my family) sat in car and started off for Patiala at around 2:30 PM. I was at the driver's seat. We picked up didi from her college, and then via Devigarh we reached Kurukshetra. After that we headed straight to Delhi, and after that went to Ghaziabad. Out of the approximately 375 km total length of this route, I drove about 340 km (papa drove the rest). We reached our destination at around 12:30 AM (on June 15).

On 15 June, I did the works I was supposed to, and at around 6 PM we started from Ghaziabad for Ludhiana. Once again, I was at the driver's seat. We reached back home around 3 AM (on June 16). So I drove a total of about 700 km within 36 hours.

What made the drive back home special was that it rained almost all the way. It was the first time I drove for so long amidst such rain. Everyone was sound asleep, but with me fully alert- knowing that my whole family is sitting in the car, it's night, it's raining, and I'm driving on the Grand Trunk Road- infamous for the accidents that take place on it daily.

It was during this drive (towards home) that I first time ever touched the speed of 100 km/hr.

Also, mummy complimented my driving, saying that it's butter-smooth. Mummy faces Motion Sickness each time she travels on long routes, but mummy said that with me at the driver's seat, she didn't face even a bit of problem for all of the 750 km journey.

When I finally reached home, I felt happy :-)

The photos above and below (these have not been clicked by me) are representative of the perils of driving on a highway on a rainy night.


  1. well.. this facet of your personality never really came out in college...or did it?

  2. You're right Pai. It never really came out in college. But then there are many more facets as well which exist and are flourishing, but haven't come out yet :-)

    You're in for some delightful surprises buddy :-)

  3. waise.. I've just begun to drive... I do something like 150 km each day.. progressing fast... But i do get a lot stressed out... mentally...

    so i can pretty well guess.. 700 km.. too much..

  4. Yeah. 700 km is indeed quite much. When I finally reached back home that night, I could feel slight numbness in my legs and feet.

    Medhavin I've got a golden advice for you, since you've just begun driving. Believe me if you follow this advice, you'll become a good and safe driver, even if it takes slightly longer.

    Perfect your driving starting from slow speeds. Move on to higher speeds only after gaining sufficient proficiency at slower speeds. Although it may seem somewhat counter-intuitive, quickly moving to high speeds when in the initial stages of learning to drive can be dangerous in the long run. This is because one is still not an adept driver yet, and the inadequacies/imperfections that exist at this point can turn into a habit without one being able to realise it. Which surely is dangerous.

    As far as mental stress is concerned, you have to manage your time more efficiently. Believe me, most of the people around manage their time very poorly, and as much I've seen people, we all can easily do at least 5 times the amount of work we typically do in a day, if we really start managing our time efficiently.

    I mean it.

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