Thursday, June 12, 2008

My foot's nail got plucked out

Today evening, I was about to go to buy a new adapter for my scanner, and while I was opening the gate of our home (to take out the car), the lower edge of gate accidentally hit my left foot. It started to hurt quite much, but no one was at home, so I didn't quite bother about the injury (at least for the time being- I didn't even look at how much the injury was).

I drove to the shop, parked the car & did the work I was supposed to. When I started walking back to the parked car, I felt something sticky in my left foot. On inspection, I saw that blood was oozing out of the finger which had got hit by the gate, and it was this blood that was causing the sticky feeling. I didn't bother much about it even now (the pain too had reduced by now).

But as I was having dinner (around 9 PM), it again started to hurt. This time, I inspected my finger more closely & found that the nail had got almost pulled out (it's just loosely hanging there now). I got scolding from mummy for not applying Savlon.

:( :(


  1. Agghhh.... I got mine plucked out when i slipped on the path to the CC during the vacations after the second semester.. Man... I pained like hell.. unlike yours.. mine was instantaneous.. and unbearable... I could barely limp!!

    It took one good year to heal..

  2. 1 year is quite a lot of time!

    You know what, that path to CC (the one that's between those algae-rich ponds) is quite scary. At least 3-4 times my slippers have almost given away there.

    But you see, when my little brother sees me running around doing works even as I limp, he kind of gets up from bed (perhaps feeling a little guilty for relaxing, while his elder brother works even with this injury)! That's the good, and interesting part of this whole thing :)

  3. Hi Rishabh!
    Hope for quick healing of ur injury.
    I just wanted to tell u that the issue regarding which I asked for ur opinion in earlier post is solved.But actually I expected a response from u,and was wondering that y u din't reply. Anyways, How far u have got closer to ur 'The Day'?:-)
    Hope everything is fine at ur end.
    Take Care
    God bless!

  4. Hello Ratisha

    I'm sorry that I still haven't replied to you. I hope after listening to the reason, you understand why I didn't.

    Actually my Internet connection went down in the month of May, and I had very limited access to Internet for the most part of May- whatever access I did have, it was mostly through a cyber cafe, and there too I would go only for something related to academic or other works.

    I really wanted to reply to your quite interesting query, but I didn't want to write in a hurry. I wanted to write it peacefully and at length. And I've got full access to Internet now- now that I'm back to home.

    But now I feel I should've at least told you that I shall reply when I have full access to Internet. I'm sorry and I hope you don't mind it.

    You know what, yesterday I was actually going to write my reply, but coincidentally I saw your comment. Then somehow I got involved in some works, and I couldn't. And today I'm going to Delhi. I shall be back tomorrow. So I shall write back very soon. :)

  5. No Problem dear!
    Reason accepted. :-)

  6. Hello Ratisha

    Finally (I know I've taken way too long) I've written a reply to your queries. :)

    You can read it here.