Thursday, January 4, 2018

One's current geographic location - state or country - has a very strong effect on one's thinking and eventually actions [COMPACTIDEA]

A related idea about how an otherwise simple view starts to seem breathtaking if it's in an exotic foreign country.

I've observed this both personally and in others. The same person - suppose he or she belongs to and lives in the Punjab state/province of India - starts thinking, behaving and acting differently when he or she is in Delhi. The difference isn't necessarily "positive". But the difference does exist - and it's usually a strong difference, with the strength roughly proportional to the distance from your home place. Similarly, the same fellow will behave very differently when he or she is in a foreign country, say Colombia. One's inhibitions, self-control and self-restrictions generally are lower when one is in foreign territory, especially is this foreign territory isn't "backward" compared to the place/state/province from where one has come.

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