Sunday, January 14, 2018

Art, artistic movie, etc., are the usual words that are used to make pornography inside movies appear normal, justified, and even required

Truth is that Ram Gopal Verma is doing a cheap movie by putting in a new porn actress [this could become a new trend going forward]. He knows that this "formula" will work. That Indians will flock to cinema halls to watch this so-called "movie". In reality, it'll be pornography disguised as a movie. And now just look at the kind of heavy and nice/professional/serious words RGV has used in order to make it look like he's not doing a porn film - "an elevating and thought provoking experience", "I Thank you for the person you are and I admire and respect you for the way you project your thinking ..You are the painting and I am just a frame maker". Bullshit dude. He obviously milked her for all the casting couch favors [obviously she wouldn't resist]. He's well-known for doing this, and he'll probably continue his hunt for a new prey when he gets bored of this one. Who do they think they're fooling with these sophisticated words? The people? The CBFC? The news media? Everyone knows what's really happening here.

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