Sunday, January 7, 2018

Many times, we remember only a correct summary, or general feeling of an incident or a series of incidents, but not the individual incidents themselves

This applies to both persons/people and life incidents that happen to us. Many times we don't remember or recall details of specific incidents [within a series of related incidents], but we do remember the overall "feel" or "feeling" of what happened, or how a person was to/with us. For example, if we dealt with a fellow ten years ago for six months, then sometimes we're only able to give a [correct] broad summary of whether that person is good or bad [or any other trait(s)], without being able to tell specific incidents that are behind our summary. Similarly, suppose I had traveled through Hazyview town in Mpumalanga, South Africa, eight years ago. It's totally possible that I [correctly] claim that Hazyview was "awesome", without being able to recall or remember any specific incident(s). The word "correctly" needs some comment here. It doesn't imply in absolute sense that Hazyview is "awesome". It means that I had actually found Hazyview "awesome" back then, and the overall, one-word summary of my travel through Hazyview that I'm giving in the form of the word "awesome" correctly represents my feelings back then.

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