Thursday, July 15, 2010

In India, Dabur doesn't sell many 'flavors' of Vatika Enriched Hair Oil that are available abroad... Sad!

I remember that when I was in South Africa, and one day we went to Fordsburg, I was surprised to see some flavors of Dabur Vatika Enriched Hail Oil that I had never seen in India. Presence of Arabic language on the bottles instantly indicated to me that these had been - presumably illegally - imported/smuggled from the UAE.

Four flavors of Vatika available at DXB and Fordsburg, but not India

Fine, but why doesn't Dabur - an Indian company - sell these in its home country? Despite my close to 2 years of experience in the Market Research and Business/Strategic Consulting fields, I'm unable to think of the reason why Dabur doesn't.

Anyways, I bought one bottle of the Cactus flavor from Fordsburg and happily use it these days :)


  1. While you do have the Vatika Enriched Almond Oil and vatika Enriched Coconut oil in India, the Cactus oil and Olive oil are products created in Middle East and Africa for the local audience there and are suited to their local tates and needs. The number of consumers using an enriched Olive oil or a Cactus oil are very limited in India. Dabur's international product portfolio is completely different from its India offering and includes products that are developed and manufactured abroad for the local audience. While the brand names may remain the same, the product offered under these brands are specially created for those markets. Other examples are Vatika hair Cream, Hamaam Zaith & Amla Snake Oil (which is a hair serum and is popularly known as snake oil in that part of the world). There are a host of products in its India stables that are not available abroad and vice versa.

  2. @Anonymous

    Appreciate your helpful answer.

    Yup true Almond and Coconut are available in India, but in a different packing (perhaps with slightly different ingredients as well?). My intent was to whine about the absence of this entire "family" of four bottles from India :)