Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Heat makes me go crazy!

I've observed this about myself for many years now - heat makes me go crazy! It makes me needlessly angry and perpetually annoyed, and makes me bark at others for no apparent reason. This observation about myself finally got set in stone over the last couple of weeks, with high temperatures and zero rain experienced in Ludhiana (Punjab, India). I barked at everyone and I was annoyed most of the time and I didn't feel like working till the noon, and my behavior would change dramatically as the dusk grew and the temperature fell.

Screenshot from 'A Few Good Men'

I need to take note of this fact-about-myself in the future. I need to ensure that I keep myself cool during the hottest days in India (or elsewhere), and don't let my composure or productivity fall.

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  1. Update (19-Dec-10): I'm experiencing India's ruthless winters after about two years now. And I realize that extreme cold too has a very negative effect on my productivity. Which means that in order to be productive, I need to keep myself away from extreme temperatures.