Saturday, October 3, 2009

List of my travels in an aircraft or a cruise ship

A flight is being considered distinct whenever it's preceded by a takeoff. Aircraft models are indicative of only the broader series. Entries in italics are confirmed flights, yet to commence. Entries in blue highlight are tentative, subject to change. A S? sign after an aircraft/airline means that I'm not 100% sure about its safety.
  1. 1993; Delhi-Agra; ~20-40 minutes; Indian Airlines; Unknown
  2. Jul'06; Delhi-Goa; 2.5 hrs; SpiceJet; Boeing 737NG
  3. Jul'06; Goa-Delhi; 2.5 hrs; SpiceJet; 737NG
  4. 17-Oct-08; Delhi-Bangalore; 2.5 hrs; Kingfisher; Airbus A321
  5. 19-Oct-08; Bangalore-Delhi; 2.5 hrs; Kingfisher; A321
  6. 8-Oct-09; Delhi-Dubai; 3.3 hrs; Emirates; Boeing 777
  7. 8-Oct-09; Dubai-Jo'burg; 8.2 hrs; Emirates; Airbus A340
  8. 23-Dec-09; Jo'burg-Dubai; 8 hrs; Emirates; A340
  9. 27-Dec-09; Dubai-Cairo; 4 hrs; Emirates; 777
  10. 30-Dec-09; Cairo-Bahrain; 3 hrs; Gulf Air; Airbus A330
  11. 30-Dec-09; Bahrain-Dubai; 1.3 hrs; Gulf Air; Airbus A320
  12. 31-Dec-09; Dubai-Delhi; 3 hrs; Emirates; 777
  13. 3-Jan-10; Delhi-Dubai; 3 hrs; Emirates; 777
  14. 4-Jan-10; Dubai-Jo'burg; 8.2 hrs; Emirates; A340
  15. 19-Mar-10; JNB-Cape Town; 2 hrs; Mango; 737NG
  16. 22-Mar-10; CPT-JNB; 2.3 hrs; South African Airways; A340
  17. 3-Apr-10; Jo'burg-Dubai; 8 hrs; Emirates; A340
  18. 4-Apr-10; Dubai-Delhi; 3.2 hrs; Emirates; A330
  19. 26-Aug-11; Delhi-Shanghai; 6 hrs; China Eastern; A340
  20. 03-Jan-12; Shanghai-Haikou; 3 hrs; Hainan; Boeing 737
  21. 04-Jan-12; HAK-Singapore; 3 hrs; Hainan; 737NG
  22. 04-Jan-12; SIN-Delhi; 6 hrs; IndiGo; A320
  23. 14-Feb-12; Delhi-Beijing; 6 hrs; Air China; A330
  24. 16-Feb-12; Beijing-Seoul; ~2 hrs; Air China; 737NG
  25. 16-Jun-12; Gimpo-Jeju; ~1 hr; Asiana; A321
  26. 19-Jun-12; Jeju-Gimpo; ~1 hr; Asiana; A321
  27. 23-Jun-12; Seoul-Beijing; ~2 hrs; Air China; A330
  28. 23-Jun-12; Beijing-Delhi; ~7.3 hrs; Air China; A330
  29. 27-Jul-12; Delhi-Singapore; 6 hrs; IndiGo; A320
  30. 27-Nov-12; Singapore-Bali; 2.4 hrs; KLM; 777
  31. 30-Nov-12; Bali-Singapore; 2.2 hrs; KLM; 777
  32. 10-Dec-12; Singapore-Bangkok; ~2.3 hrs; Scoot; 777
  33. 11-Dec-12; Singapore-Bangkok; ~2 hrs; Cathay; 777
  34. 12-Dec-12; Bangkok-Delhi; ~4.6 hrs; IndiGo; A320
  35. 11-Aug-15; Delhi-Moscow; ~6.5 hrs; Aeroflot; A330
  36. 11-Aug-15; Moscow-Istanbul; ~3.5 hrs; Aeroflot; A320
  37. 19-Aug-15; Istanbul-Antalya; ~1.25 hrs; Turkish; 737NG
  38. 21-Aug-15; Antalya-Istanbul; ~1.25 hrs; Turkish; 737NG
  39. 22-Aug-15; Istanbul-Moscow; ~3.5 hrs; Aeroflot; A320
  40. 23-Aug-15; Moscow-Delhi; ~6.0 hrs; Aeroflot; A330
  41. 22-Aug-16; Chandigarh-Bangalore; 3 hrs; AirAsia India; A320
  42. 25-Aug-16; Bangalore-Chandigarh; 3 hrs; IndiGo; A320
  43. 26-May-18; Delhi-Udaipur; ~1.25 hr; Jet Airways; 737NG
  44. 27-May-18; UDR-Delhi; ~1.75 hr; Jet Airways; ATR 72-500
  45. 12-Jan-19; Maldives-Sri Lanka-Goa-Bombay; 8 days; Costa; neoRiviera
    1. Booked for my parents, not me. But I consider it and feel as if I'm myself doing this.
    2. 12-Jan-19 to 19-Jan-19 on the cruise ship.
    3. Flights from Delhi to Male [Maldives], and Bombay to Delhi also.
    4. Delhi to Male on Indigo; Bombay to Delhi on Vistara.
  46. 19-Aug-19; Delhi-Singapore; ~6 hrs; Singapore Airlines; A380
  47. 24-Aug-19; Singapore-Phuket; ~2 hrs; SilkAir; Boeing 737-800
  48. 28-Aug-19; Phuket-Singapore; ~2 hrs; SilkAir; Airbus A320
  49. 28-Aug-19; Singapore-Delhi; ~6 hrs; Singapore Airlines; A380
Aircraft (wanna fly on, already flown on): Airbus A320, A321, A330, A340; Boeing 737NG, 777

Aircraft (really wanna fly on, not already flown on): Airbus A320neo, A350, A380 [THIS IS A MUST!]; ATR 72-600; Boeing 717, 747, 747-8, 787 Dreamliner [S?]; Bombardier CRJ, CSeries [Airbus A220]; Comac C919 [S?]; Embraer E-Jet E2; Gulfstream G550, G650; Honda HA-420 HondaJet; Ilyushin Il-476/Il-76MD-90A, Il-96; Irkut MC-21/MS-21; Kawasaki C-2, P-1; McDonnell Douglas MD-11, MD-90; Mitsubishi Regional Jet [MRJ]; Saab 2000; Scaled Composites SpaceShipTwo, White Knight Two; Sukhoi Superjet 100; Tupolev Tu-204-120 OR Tu-204SM

Aircraft (wanna fly on, not already flown on): Aerion SBJ; Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde; Airbus A400M; Antonov An-124, An-148/An-158 [S?], An-225, An-70 [S?]; Boeing 737 MAX [S?], B-52H Stratofortress; Boeing/McDonnell Douglas C-17 Globemaster III; Cessna Citation Sovereign; Comac ARJ21 [S?]; Dassault Falcon 7X; Embraer KC-390, Lineage 1000; Ilyushin Il-86; Lockheed L-1011 TriStar; Lockheed Martin C-130J Super Hercules, C-5M Super Galaxy; North American XB-70 Valkyrie; Transall C-160; Tupolev Tu-154M-100; Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer

Aircraft (not keen to fly on, already flown on): 737; ATR 72-500

Aircraft (don't wanna fly on, already flown on): None :)

Airlines (wanna fly on, already flown on): Aeroflot, Air China, AirAsia India, Asiana, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Gulf Air, Hainan, IndiGo, Jet Airways; Kingfisher, KLM, Mango, South African Airways, Turkish Airlines

Airlines (not keen to fly on, already flown on): China Eastern

Airlines (don't wanna fly on, already flown on): Indian Airlines; SpiceJet

Airlines (really wanna fly on, not already flown on): Air Arabia, Air France, Air Italy, Air Mauritius, Air Seychelles, AirAsia [AirAsia; AirAsia Japan; AirAsia Philippines; AirAsia X; Indonesia AirAsia; Indonesia AirAsia X; Thai AirAsia; Thai AirAsia X], Alaska Airlines, Alitalia, Bahrain Air, EgyptAir, EL AL Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Etihad Airways, Finnair, flydubai, Garuda Indonesia, (Kulula Air), Lion Air [S?], Lufthansa, Malaysia Airlines, Qatar Airways, Royal Brunei Airlines, Royal Jordanian, Ryanair, S7 Airlines [S?], Saudi Arabian Airlines, Scoot, SilkAir, Singapore Airlines, SriLankan Airlines, Swiss International Air Lines, TAP Portugal, Thai Airways, VietJet Air [S?], Virgin America, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia, Virgin Galactic, Vistara

Airlines (wanna fly on, not already flown on): Aerolíneas Argentinas [S?], Aeroméxico [S?], Air Astana, Air Greenland, Austrian Airlines, Avianca, Cebu Pacific [S?], Cubana de Aviación [S?], easyJet, Iberia, LOT Polish Airlines [S?], Kuwait Airways [S?], Mexicana [S?], Royal Air Maroc [S?], Southwest, TAM Airlines, Thai Smile [S?], Transaero [S?], Wizz Air [S?], Xiamen Airlines

Airlines [don't wanna fly on; not already flown on]: Jetstar; Tiger Airways


  1. Update (3-Dec-09): Some Boeing 777 entries have corrected to Airbus A340

  2. Update 2 (3-Dec-09): Additional corrections to aircraft-type. Need to verify the cause of discrepancies

  3. Update 3 (9-Dec-09): Observed that aircraft models can vary from date-to-date for the same route and the same flight number. Hence, aircraft-models for yet-to-commence flights have been marked as unsure

  4. Update 4(17-Dec-09): Confirmed the aircraft models of all yet-to-commence flights on specified dates from websites of respective airlines

  5. Wrong.

    Update 5 (22-Dec-09): Due to non-issuance of Dubai Visa (due to non-Emirates flight out of Dubai), I've canceled Qatar Airways flights and booked Emirates flight to Cairo. Made corresponding updates to the list. Firefighting for Visa is on...

  6. Update 6 (4-Jan-10): Due to fog at IGI Airport, EK 511 departed late from DEL, and EK 765 on 3-Jan-10 couldn't be boarded. EK 765 on 4-Jan-10 will be boarded for JNB

  7. Update 7 (5-Jan-10): Aircraft for Oct'08 DEL-BLR flights corrected from A320 to A321. This correction was pending for some time now

  8. Update 8 (2-Feb-10): Boeing 737 entries updated to 737NG, to reflect that these 737s are the "Next Generation" models

  9. Update 9 (2-Mar-10): Added list of planes I want to fly on, split by whether or not I've already flown on them

  10. Update 10 (9-Mar-10): Added list of airlines I want to fly on, split by whether or not I've already flown on them

  11. Missed my first flight ever. #32 on the above list. Long story. Valuable lesson learnt.

  12. Updated blog post title to include luxury cruise ships too, since these are no less than an aircraft. Rather these are much more.