Sunday, March 19, 2017

What's wrong with Indian girls and women - why this ever-increasing sluttism and whorism? [COMPACTIDEA]

Earlier we used to see such shameless nudity only from Western females. Now Indian females are copying the same sluttish/whorish Western outfits, packed under the monikers "bold", "choice", "individuality", "freedom", and "empowerment". This is none of these, and it is especially not the very positive word "bold". It's cheap, distasteful, obscene, not beautiful at all, very sluttish and whorish, not in line with our culture and traditions, and instead massively devalues and objectifies these very girls/women. Indian females have steadily gone from off-shoulder to ultra-deep back [or backless] to ultra-deep chest/front to openly displaying their bikinis to now even openly displaying the bra or forgoing it altogether. It's a slippery slope with seemingly no end, except that unlike the number system, there are no negative numbers here and complete nudity is the final zero where things halt and you can't go any further down the shithole [however, if there were negative numbers here, it's certain that the even-attention-hungry Indian females would gladly and swiftly go down there too].

Do these women have no shame left? Or it it the eons-old cat-competition between females which causes them to shamelessly shed more and more of their clothes? To what low will they sink before people become desensitized enough to not reward them with a glance even when they're standing fully naked and begging for attention even more desperately?

Friday, March 10, 2017

The Ghazi Attack is a shitty movie, and more thoughts [COMPACTIDEA]

  • I want to spit on the face of whoever made this movie for showing English subtitles wherever dialogs were spoken in Hindi. Who is this bastard? Some British remnant?
    • Why so much English used? Is this not intended to be a Hindi movie? You're trying to be a patriotic movie, and yet you relish in using the language of those imperial British bastards?
      • Pakistani officers feel better because they speak more Hindi.
  • If whoever made this movie thinks that he has made a "global" movie, he's in for a rude shock. This is a low-class movie, which foolishly thinks that it's world-class. Not.
  • Currently IMDb has 8.5 rating for this movie. Strengthens my belief that 80% of all people in this world are foolish sheep who are easily impressed with mediocre stuff and who have no understanding of art and quality. These mediocrity-loving sheep get on the "edge-of-their-seats" while watching this trash. Also, this rating makes me doubt IMDb itself [only a few folks have trashed this crap].
  • One good thing about this movie was that it provided a much-needed break from all those eager-to-strip Alias and Anushkas and Priyankas. There were practically no females here, and so item songs, etc., were impossible. A nice break.
  • Copying "Aye sir" from Crimson Tide and others won't make this nonsense look more sophisticated.
  • Had to watch Crimson Tide again to detox and flush my mind from the effects of this garbage.