Friday, March 10, 2017

The Ghazi Attack is a shitty movie, and more thoughts [COMPACTIDEA]

  • I want to spit on the face of whoever made this movie for showing English subtitles wherever dialogs were spoken in Hindi. Who is this bastard? Some British remnant?
    • Why so much English used? Is this not intended to be a Hindi movie? You're trying to be a patriotic movie, and yet you relish in using the language of those imperial British bastards?
      • Pakistani officers feel better because they speak more Hindi.
  • If whoever made this movie thinks that he has made a "global" movie, he's in for a rude shock. This is a low-class movie, which foolishly thinks that it's world-class. Not.
  • Currently IMDb has 8.5 rating for this movie. Strengthens my belief that 80% of all people in this world are foolish sheep who are easily impressed with mediocre stuff and who have no understanding of art and quality. These mediocrity-loving sheep get on the "edge-of-their-seats" while watching this trash. Also, this rating makes me doubt IMDb itself [only a few folks have trashed this crap].
  • One good thing about this movie was that it provided a much-needed break from all those eager-to-strip Alias and Anushkas and Priyankas. There were practically no females here, and so item songs, etc., were impossible. A nice break.
  • Copying "Aye sir" from Crimson Tide and others won't make this nonsense look more sophisticated.
  • Had to watch Crimson Tide again to detox and flush my mind from the effects of this garbage.

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