Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Similarities between booting out of Antonov's bid in US KC-X tanker procurement tender, and cheating done with Ravana during swayamvar of Sita in Ramayana

  • Clearly, America cannot and will not entertain even a bid from the #2 SSR of the Soviet Union - Ukraine - for one of its most important military procurement programs. Winning the tender is simply out of question. America needed an excuse to oust Antonov's bid early on from the KC-X program, so Antonov's bid was deemed late and its bid was rejected [and the protest was also rejected]. It's quite clear that the Antonov/U.S. Aerospace guy who came to submit the bid was deliberately made late by the Americans, in order to create irrefutable pretext to not accept the bid [as Antonov's bid clearly would've been the cheapest one, making it difficult for America to justify rejecting it, had the bid been accepted for evaluation].
  • Similarly, in the Hindu epic of Ramayana, Ravana could've and would've easily lifted the dhanush during Sita's swayamvar. But there was a divine conspiracy to not let Sita become Ravana's wife, hence a trick was played by gods due to which Ravana got late to the swayamvar and thus couldn't win Sita in the contest. There would've been no Ramayana and no war and no role of Rama had it not been for this conspiracy by the so-called gods. There would've been no need for Ravana to pick Sita up, because she would've ended up as yet another queen of Ravana.

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