Friday, January 8, 2016

Both religion and corporate policy are like mini constitutions that should operate within the boundaries of national law

  • Corporate policy [like the reddit user agreement or the Reddit Content Policy], essentially a company's rule book, dictates a company's course of action and also its responses to events, thus acting like a constitution. For example, it appears that CNN's internal constitution book calls for both covert and overt criticism of Russia, which happens to be in line with the foreign policy of America.
  • In some sense, each religion is also like a mini constitution. It tells its followers what course of action to follow and how to respond to events in life. However, religious teachings at times go against national law. Examples follow:
  • A few years ago wearing helmets was made mandatory for females driving or sitting as pillion rider on two-wheeler bikes in Ludhiana. Sikh women refused to follow this law citing religious prohibition on wearing headgear. This is an example of religion going against national law [and even basic personal safety in this case].
  • A second example also concerns the Sikhs. The movement to allow bearing/carrying a knife ["kirpan"] in public places [including schools, aircraft/airports, cafes, shopping malls, etc.] is also an example of religious preaching going against national law [and public safety in this case].

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