Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Me vs. Shrinking Trousers. Fight!

I've finally gotten SICK of my shrinking trousers (a euphemism for my bulging tummy) laughing embarrassingly at me ("Hey Jack, you can't wear us anymore!"). In the past ~2 years, I've seen at least 5 trousers go waste because they no longer fit! Ditto with at least 3 jeans. What the fugging hell is going on? Where's that conviction that I'm never gonna get fat?

I don't wanna look like a pregnant woman, for heaven's sake! (source)

Okay, I gotto halt and reverse this downhill slide. The next update to this post will be on 2-Jul-10. Hoping to lose 2 inches by then.


  1. engineers have got a good sense of humor... :D
    All d Best :P :)

  2. Update (1-Jul-10): Probably lost 1.5 inches. Good, but good ain't good enough

  3. Update [21-Nov-15]: The fight is still on. Sigh!