Monday, May 31, 2010

Real men don't wear pink

Okay, I know this makes me appear like a fuddy-duddy, but I'm clear about this one - real men don't wear pink.

A loser (source)

Brian McFadden may have backtracked from his statement by calling it a 'joke', but I'm never gonna approve men wearing pink. Ever.

PS: Real Men Wear Pink on Urban Dictionary. A nice read.


  1. Come on.. pink has not nothing to do with the 'real' men definition!! as a matter of fact, colors have nothing to do with the 'how macho am I' thing!!

  2. I know, it's about opinion. Okay, think about it this way - like colors, shapes too shouldn't have anything to do with it, right? Would guys wearing skirts not be girly (or unmanly)?

  3. hahaha.. Good one.. Point noted, sir :)