Saturday, February 20, 2010

Will the US bomb Punjab?

I've seen this dream many times - perhaps 3-4 times. Each time I wake up clung tightly to whatever is near me, shivering. Today I woke up about 2-3 minutes back, my arms clung tightly to my sheet. The dream goes this way:
  1. I'm at my home, along with my family
  2. I start seeing black-gray colored fighter jets in the sky outside
  3. We're aware that these are US jets
  4. They're flying too low, with the base of their fuselage open, revealing shining orange missiles (this isn't always seen)
  5. A few of them pass too low - ~2 meters over my home - and I'm looking at them, and just as I'm fearing the worse, I realize that the fighters dropped bombs on my home's roof-top
  6. Simultaneously, other jets bomb the other homes in our colony
  7. There's chaos everywhere. Brick and mortar is falling. There's debris around. There are large holes in the ceilings
  8. After a few minutes, the bombing stops. The jets can no longer be seen in this sky. People start to come out of their homes
  9. The dream usually breaks somewhere here
I don't know why I see this (and other similar dreams) often. Will the US ever actually bomb this part of Punjab?


  1. Don't you think it has got a relation with the kind of videos u take interest in? Watching destructive things can potentially affect our thoughts negatively...No?
    And since family is the one thing whom one can never see in trouble or in pain and feels overprotective about so these 2 things might be getting connected...
    Bade Bache...jab bi kabhie insecurity hoti hai naa just leave it on God...hum sab khud pe nai chod sakte...Kuch Us par bi chodna padta hai...:) and I assure you He'll never let you down.
    Ye pravachan nai sachai hai! :)

    Kuch galat nai hoga...Don't worry.

  2. I also had such a dream once. It was about terrorists attacking our home (that house was different from the actual one)...It was after 26/11 attack in India...Shayad un dinon main ye soch rai thi ki agar hamare saath kuch aisa 'God forbid' hota hai toh what will I do...toh shayad isi chakkar mein that dream came...