Monday, February 15, 2010

Self-applause for commendable first-ever-time performance on an ice-skating rink

I'm happy that I performed quite-well at Northgate Mall's ice-skating rink today, especially considering that it was my life's first ever hour of ice-skating... :)

Slight nervousness on watching people flying effortlessly on the rink

I struggled quite a bit initially, but picked up pace soon, and in no time I was swiftly gliding on the rink.

And lo, I'm flying too...

Disclaimer (lolz): I fell down real-hard on the ice multiple times (~7 times in total), to the amusement of many, and had my bones compressed in this process. But never mind...

Update (Early morning, 15-Feb-10):I just went to Bing, and its wallpaper shows ice-skating :)


  1. Haan but kafi embarrassing style me slip hote ho... slipping isn't instantaneous all the time... many times you start losing control and for 4-5 seconds you keep trying to balance yourself, only to find yourself rolling on the floor... bones kafi buri tara hit hoti hain tab... but it's infinite fun overall!

  2. Girne waali bi ek photo lagani chahiye thi naa...:)