Thursday, April 6, 2017

On the ongoing destruction of Hindi language in India by English, and by despicable Indians

Examples showing how English is replacing Hindi manywhere, and is also getting mixed with Hindi, thus adulterating/polluting Hindi.
  • This blog and my other blogs. All in English. Why? Hindi language computer keyboard isn't widespread. Reason is basically habit.
  • The Ghazi Attack movie. More here.
  • The song "Haseeno Ka Deewana" in the movie Kaabil is in Hindi, but why are Hrithik, Urvashi, and others speaking exclusively in English when describing the making of this song? Who are they trying to impress? Does it lower their status if they speak in English? Further, in the lyrical version of this song, why are all the lyrics written in English? This is a Hindi song and can't Indians who understand spoken Hindi also understand written Hindi?
Update [23-Apr-17]: Whoever bastard has created/written this ad has carelessly mixed English words with Hindi text. Examples include "refreshing", "hectic", "lifestyle", "fresh", "taste", "body", "hydrate", etc. Further, this is an ad in a Hindi newspaper. Why is there English text here ["100% Tender", "No Added Sugar", etc.]? Lastly, why is the product packaging in English alone? Are we still a colony of Britain?

Update [23-Apr-17]: Hindi movie posters have almost completely omitted the use of Hindi and Urdu languages. Everything these days is written as if everyone understands English, and as if we're now an English nation. So it was good to see the use of at least some Hindi in this recent wallpaper of a new movie.

Update [18-May-17]: Why do medicines have text written in only English? Can everyone read English? What about those crores of who are poor and couldn't get to learn the language of the British?

Update [12-Jun-17]: More examples of careless usage of English words in Hindi newspapers.

Update [18-Jun-17]: Two examples for the replacement of several Hindi versions of otherwise English words by English words. For 'America', earlier Hindi newspapers used to write "अमरीका" [Amreeka], but now newspapers lazily write "अमेरिका" [America]. Similarly with "मचीनों" getting replaced by "मशीन्स".

Update [1-Jul-17, 5-Jul-17]: More.

Update [13-Sep-17]: Looking at the image below, it seems that there are some black sheep at various newspapers. It's these dirty sheep which uses English words in Hindi newspapers. Others seem to be doing fine.


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