Saturday, November 5, 2016

The illusion of the greatness of the PetroSheikhs [COMPACTIDEA]

Many people praise the kings/rulers/sheikhs of the Arab world for the huge things they create [e.g., Burj Khalifa or the Kingdom Tower], the grand ideas they have, the large sums they spend, the "big thinking" they have. Nonsense. Nothing great about it. Digging out oil bestowed upon them by nature and selling it on the international market and earning money in the process doesn't equal intelligence or greatness. It's called luck. Or chance. Or just an accident. Nothing great about it. It came to them for free. It was/is valuable for the entire world. No brain was required. They didn't do anything about it. Anyone fortunate enough to be sitting upon trillions worth of crude oil like folks in the Middle East would automatically start to have "great" ideas. Let's not develop an illusion that these PetroSheikhs have something special in their brains which we don't.

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