Thursday, August 18, 2016

Mediocrity is the ongoing norm in Bollywood [COMPACTIDEA]


Most movies/songs coming out these days from India's Bollywood are mediocre. Like Rustom. Yes, Rustom! Bollywood movies these days have unnecessary and unnecessarily loud background music to cover the lack of acting/story/dialogs. Girls/women who just can't stop themselves from stripping in songs. Forcibly introduced humour/jokes so that the movie isn't labeled "heavy" by youth which doesn't seem to have appreciation for or understanding of high-quality cinema. Leaning on abuses and cheap/indecent/lewd/raunchy terms and phrases in order to evoke a fake sense of interest/wow from the mediocrity-satisfied audience. Music is doing even worse. Loud beats and meaningless lyrics which are little more than noise, all but lacking any soothing melody/tune. Again, much music is now commercial, as opposed to artistic, and heavily relies on shameless stripping "item girls" in order to sell itself [a sort of rider].



Happy Bhaag Jayegi is a disaster akin to a thermonuclear explosion. It cannot be described in words. If people are liking/loving this movie, then we're absolutely in an era of mediocrity.



Freaky Ali.



Pink. This movie appears intellectual on the outside, but look carefully, and it is pseudo-intellectual and not rigorous or convincing at all. Most in the audience, who are sheep anyway, won't notice this, and will come out gushing with overjoy about how Pink is "awesome", "mind-blowing", and so on, unaware that it's their intellectually-challenged brain that finds Pink convincing rather than pleading.



EL'AYICHI. Totally pointless and useless yet Indian sheep is calling it "great", etc.


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