Wednesday, April 13, 2016

In America, you aren't male or female by birth - your gender is the one you "identify with", whatever that means!

What a rotten-to-the-core nation the USA has become. America is the land where a man kisses and beds a man, a woman kisses and beds a woman, and a child can have two parents who are either both male or both female [what a cursed fellow such a child must be]. It is the land where you can be born a girl, yet you "identify yourself" with a boy, yet have the sexual identity of a girl, but still romance with a woman! Wow, what a twisted, utterly repulsive, mentally ill, and sick place the United States is!

Update [May'16]: North Carolina's law is, to put it in the simplest possible words, common sense!

Update [23-Apr-17]: WTF is going on in America? LOL.

Update [12-Nov-17]: It's getting unbelievable now. What a garbage country America has become.

Update [Dec'18]: Now men can compete in women-only sports simply by claiming that they're females? What is happening in this world! She's right but in the name of political correctness people are criticizing her.

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