Friday, November 20, 2015

Mixed-culture, mixed-ethnicity people might seem exotic, but they likely lead confused, dual lives

Two examples to explain what I mean. Sunita Williams and Mel Sabharwal are both ethnically Indian but have a look that's clearly hybrid - it's blatant that there are non-Indian structures on their faces, likely a result of having an Indian and a Western parent. Neither Indians nor Westerners think of them - and of people like them - as "one of their own".

To Indians, these hybrid/mixed people are good to gossip about, but these pseudo-Indians remain somewhat foreigners, who seem to look like Indians at the first glance, but feel distant when you try to go deep. To foreigners/Westerners, these mixed-race people are outsiders who are trying to call themselves American/Australian/British/Canadian. The end result is that these folks have one of their legs in the Indian boat and the other in a Western boat, and they aren't accepted completely by anyone [except, possibly, by other indian-origin, mixed-ethnicity folks].

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