Friday, August 20, 2010

Four learnings from the Landmark Education session I attended on Tuesday, 17-Aug-10

Background: I'm an Aug'06 graduate of The Landmark Forum by Landmark Education.
  1. Stand in the future and live your present from the future: Stand in the future that you want to achieve, and let it empower you and give you happiness and a sense of fulfillment. Then work your present according to that future. The past is exactly that - past. The present is not supposed to be operated according to the past, but according to the future that you desire and have targeted
  2. Targets must be specific: Unless targets are specific and unambiguous, one won't achieve them. "I wanna lose as much weight as possible, as soon as possible." is a BS target. "I wanna lose 5 kg in the next 50 days." is a specific target. "I wanna get rich." is not a BS target; it's a CowShit target. "I wanna earn INR 1 crore in the next 1 year." is a specific target
  3. Targets should be realistic: Setting lofty-but-achievable targets is different from dreaming wildly. "I wanna earn 1 crore in the next 24 hours." is an unrealistic target for me (at present), although it can be a realistic target for someone who currently earns proportionally. "I wanna earn USD 1 million in the next 5 years." is a realistic target
  4. Work on the goals, not on the stories ("I want X but Y"): The Ys are all stories made up by us and assumed to be true, while the Xs are the goals. We convince ourselves that the Ys are true, and that our lack of success in achieving the Xs is justifiably attributable to the presence of Ys, and that these Ys result in our inability in achieving the Xs. We keep thinking about and working on the Ys, whereas we should be concentrating our energy and time on the Xs


  1. hahaah.. bullshit and cow shit.. :P

  2. Yeah, I'm somewhat bored with BS. It's funny to use words like CatShit, FrogShit, PigeonShit!

  3. kool ,.... ur writing reminded me of the theories ...n my learnings from the landmark ...:)

  4. Replies
    1. Hello Risabh, so could you achieve your goals? I found landmark education as common sense packed in a commercial package. The learns were known as this is what our parents and teachers have taught in past.

    2. @Anonymous

      Hello :)

      Hehe, if I or anyone else had achieved my goals, we would all be sitting idle at home now :). You're right, some of the things they tell can be called common sense, but that way, quite a lot of what is taught in MBA programs is common sense too :)