Friday, August 21, 2009

My feelings on transporting accident-victims to a hospital, twice...

Yesterday, while driving back from my company, I saw an accident-victim lying on the road. I was taken aback on seeing that practically no one was willing to help him. The crowd was making its way around the body, seemingly curious, and concerned too, but unwilling to help.

Shamefully, I too moved ahead - about 5 meters ahead of the body - and that's when my conscience slapped me and stopped me (I don't know why I just moved ahead initially). I quickly got out of my car, rushed to the body, shouted loudly that I'm gonna back-up my car towards the victim's body, and that someone must accompany me to the hospital.

People quickly placed the victim on the back seat, and one person joined me. I drove as fast as I could, safely, and got the victim admitted to a nearby hospital. After ensuring that the victim's family is on the way, I left the scene.

The incident reminds me of Jan'09, when a *ditto* incident took place at the very same spot. That time too I had seen people unwilling to render help. And that time too I had transported the victim, to the same hospital. The similarity of these two incidents is almost surprising.

It makes me feel good that I could help these needy and helpless human beings.

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