Monday, October 27, 2008

List of books that I have read, or I am reading (along with my comments and reviews)

  • Intent of this post: To record lists of books, market research reports, academic/research/technical papers, white papers, etc., that I've read or I'm reading
  • Limitations: The lists are not intended to be exhaustive. Retroactive addition may be done, but not at the cost of my convenience
  • Policies to be followed on this post:
    • I'll strive to write these items against each entry: (1) Title; (2) Author(s); (3) Start and finish dates of reading; (4) Brief review with some comments
    • What is being read currently will be moved to the already read section when I finish reading it
    • A date with a '~' symbol is an approximate date
    • The lists will be sorted on title, and insertion sort will be used to add entries
Stuff I'm reading:
  • The Google Story (David A. Vise) (Start Date = ~May 2008)
Stuff I've read:
  • Artificial Intelligence (Elaine Rich, Kevin Knight) (~Winter'07-08)
  • Cleaning Up After Cookies Version 1.0 (Katherine McKinley) (19-Jul-09)
  • Our Iceberg Is Melting (John Kotter, Holger Rathgeber) (~Summer'08)
  • The Official Guide for GMAT® Review, 12th Edition (GMAC) (11-Jul-10 to 27-Aug-10)
  • The Google Dilemma (James Grimmelmann) (~Mid Nov'08)
  • The One Minute Manager (Kenneth H. Blanchard, Spencer Johnson) (~Aug'08)
  • The Search (John Battelle) (Start Date = 18-10-08) (Finish Date = 13-Sep-09)
  • Who Moved My Cheese? (Spencer Johnson) (~Summer'08)
Further information:
  • A little bit more about the books I've read or I'm reading can be found on my Orkut profile

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