Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Recursion And A Major Goof In The Movie "Next"

***Caution: Spoiler Ahead***

Once again, its surprising that no one pointed out (or should I say "noticed"?) such an obvious goof in the otherwise nice movie "Next".

Towards end of the movie, Cris (Nicolas Cage), along with several FBI officials, searches for his girlfriend (who is in captivity of the terrorists), and he makes numerous copies of himself (actually he is merely looking at the various possible futures).

So far there's no problem. However, later in the movie it turns out that whatever happened (up till explosion of the nuclear bomb) was not happening in reality, but was merely a future that Cris was looking at (while in bed with his girlfriend).

And here lies the problem - if he was merely looking at his future, then can his own self of the future (as he is seeing it) also (recursively) use his gifted power (of looking at the future) to look even further into the future (as he did when multiple copies of him look further ahead into the future - simultaneously - while even his original copy standing with the FBI agents is not his real self, but is what the original Cris is looking at from his bed)?

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