Friday, September 28, 2007

Phew! Finally survived for 'over' 18 seconds in the game 'Escapa!'

I got a link in a forwarded email, that pointed to a simple-looking game. Here is the link

As I started to play, however, I soon realised that the game was anything but simple. The game, in some sense, tests one's dexterity. More precisely it is a test of one's ability to maneuver the computer mouse both at high speed and with precision! It is not difficult to get really annoyed repeatedly playing this game trying to get to that oh-so-near-yet-so-far goal (basically one has to survive for at least 18 seconds- as the webpage says- to be considered having done brilliantly).

2 time points, at which I got killed most number of times were in the proximity of 12 seconds and 16 seconds. I dont know how many times I played this game till I finally managed to clock over 18 seconds, although I believe it was about 20. And I am glad that I could make it (I know well that I would not have slept until I managed to clear it...).

Here are the screenshots of initial failures and final success (yay!)

And here's the winning game


I saved the webpage as an mhtml archive in the Opera browser, and played it while offline. In the first go itself I could clock over 18 seconds... Here's the screenshot

Update 2:

My second try in Opera browser (while playing from the saved webpage) too resulted in clock time of over 18 seconds (yawn...the game is looking boring now...I'll try to clock over 25 seconds sometime in future!)


  1. mhuhahahaha.....i, in my sixth attempt, clocked 26 seconds!!!!!

  2. that's applaudable KIRTI. you have been able to do this because of 2 reasons

    1) you possess both physical and mental prowess that's so asked of in this game

    2) before i detail the second reason, i want to ask an IT engineering student [that's you] this question- what will be the effect on the precision of mouse usage if i switch a 15 inch monitor from 1024x768 to 800x600 resolution. if you can correctly answer this, you know the second reason

    finally, I have been unable to do this as yet because of 2 reasons

    1) my laptop's mouse has got damaged and it works poorly. i clocked over 18 seconds with this damaged mouse

    2) i use 1024x768 resolution

    so wait till i buy a new mouse and switch resolution. I'll be back ;-)