Tuesday, April 24, 2007

obsessed with blood & war

ever since USA's george w bush waged wars with afghanistan and iraq, i have felt sad about it. i feel so much sympathy for hunderds of thousands perfectly innocent people of afghanistan and iraq who lost their life in american bombings. i feel sympathy for the children who got decapitated or were rendered handicap by american bombs. and i feel sympathy for those men and women who suffered burnt bodies and irreversible devastation of their far happier lives.

i know this war that george w bush is continuing to push is not only illegal, its inhuman. insane actually. i do not have adjectives of higher degree to express my level of angst, sadness and fury over the ongoing malice manslaughter.

over these years, my curiosity about these wars has made me read a lot of news stories about USA's wars with these countries, particularly those with statements from george w bush. after these so many years [about 6] of reading his statements, he seems to me like a person obsessed with war. with blood of non-americans. his continuous opposition to ending the war sometimes makes me wonder as to how can one be so insane. i sometimes feel that it is because he himself does not know how it feels when a red hot splinter pierces through your flesh and burns your skin that he continues to wage these wars. sitting in an air conditioned air force one, with unvanquishable protection of american commandos, wearing a luxury coat suit and giving public speeches, how can he possibly know what feeling it is when you are unsafe in your own home, praying to god to not let any tomahawk missile fall on your home, praying for your children's lives.

i consider him the hitler of 21st century. a glorified despot.

i feel sad that while george w bush never forgets to express his sadness about dead american soldiers, he has never made even a mention of hundreds of thousands of people from general public who got killed by american military, or who have lost their eyes or limbs or speech or hands. this makes me feel that even his expressing sadness about death of american soldiers is made up and fake, to win support of american public- and to continue pushing with more wars- for to me, its hard to imagine being a human such that you feel so sad for deaths of your people while you are indifferent to the many times more ( and more inhuman) deaths taking place elsewhere.

i feel sad about it. quite sad. may god punish the one who He thinks is a tyrant.

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