Saturday, January 13, 2007

my take on "email forwards"

they come daily, and many of them. and each one of them is stuffed with hundreds of addresses which each one of us has to scroll down to literally hunt (sometimes) for the actual mail content.

i wonder why at all this is a norm that when we forward an email, email service/program always adds the address from which it originally initiated to the mail content. i really dont see it as having any useful purpose (at least its more trouble than any use it may have). if it does have, people should be allowed to turn it on or off in email service/program settings. also, while composing email, there better be a "live" option in the compose window itself to add/not-add this

anyways, i give somewhat personal attention to email forwards. for whatever reason, i just cant send anyone a junk laden forward where one has to scroll down so much. when i send any of these funny forwards to my friends, i treat them just like sending a paper card. i remove all the junk, and add any useful comment that may help. and i dont send just like to send just anything as a forward. i send only things i think are really nice. even though it means that forwards come out less frequently.

for whatever reason. even i dont know.

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